Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tell others how you feel when you are fat

I feel great in my skin, I know people say that when you are fat you are  happy,its not true , I was fat at one time, I could not go  out. Mostly I would eat very un healthy to make myself happy. Life was not good that time. I think people who are fat they need to come out and say how they feel, somebody will help. If you have obesity you know  that you are not ok , you need to change your lifestyle . If you can not look in the mirror and say I think my weight is not ok ,I need to fix it.Then something is wrong. I learn something from my Ex husband who said he loved me fat. Then, he left me for a slim woman. So I know that,it was a lay that he liked me fat. Some of his friends told me that its because when you fat fewer man will look at you he will have you for himself, but he can go and look for other ladies who look nice. When he left me I charged my life.

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