Saturday, September 25, 2010

Get your coupon for things you buy Everyday
Once you sign up send your link to your down line as you will get credit for effort for your string, Get and try it, when I joined I did not work it for a month then one day I thought of adding my effects it has paid me so try it. Just a tip
Get paid to read Send Earnings® - Earn Cash for E-Mail, Surveys, Games, coupon and more! I save $600 every month on my shopping- Sorry I did not share this with you as I was not sure if it’s a great company -YES it is great create a new email account as they will send you offers thats what mail in your email box means, you may get great offers in the mail check it out you do not have too and it great site. Both these sites will save you money am happy with the savings, I get one time I bought ink for my printer the ink was $21, I got $8 back in my inbox account so many offers only if you need them get only if they real are a need or you can get it for your friends and you can a credit for that you cash box account:
By the way am getting my first checks September first if you want to see my checks go to my Face book account I have them on my photos even for peoplestring

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